Typescript support?


Any plans to support Typescript?


We haven’t made formal plans, but we can certainly add it to the list for consideration.


Where would this be more important for you? Server-side code, client-side code, or both equally important?


I’d definitely like TypeScript-support, as well. Mostly in server-side code. If it’s also usable in the frontend, then great but some of our clients really want TypeScript’s compile-time checks for their server-side code.


Server side typescript was added to ProfoundJS in the current release. There are still a couple outstanding items to enable this same functionality within NodeRun. I will reply when it is available.


You now create server side Typescript modules.
example: https://noderun.com/ide/scotroach/typescript-on-noderun/

  • You can now create Angular CLI spaces - v9.0.0

    • Angular Hello World
  • These templates have been updated to use React CLI - v16.13.0

    • React.js Hello World
    • React.js + Rich Display
  • These templates have been updated to use Vue CLI - v2.6.11

    • Vue Hello World
    • Vue + Rich Display


I’m very pleased to see the progress on using Typescript. Thanks for all your hard work on this.