Calling NodeRun modules from RPG


Hi all,

I might be remembering this wrong but wasn’t it possible to call NodeRun modules from within RPG?

Unfortunately, I can’t find the documentation entry about it.

I think the example I saw was starting a rich display file session but is it possible to also just call a NodeRun module textually? What I want to achieve is something like calling the NodeRun module, sending it a string and the NodeRun modifies the string and returns it back to RPG.



Yes, it is possible to call a NodeRun space from the IBM i. Have a look at our documentation here

.You will want to use the NODERUN program object, which allows parameters to be passed to and from your NodeRun Module.


Always the last place you look. Don’t know how I missed it.

Thank you.



I implemented a small PJS module on NodeRun and tried to call it with the NODERUN CL as a test but it returns a Communication Error.

I tried to connect to the given URL just to see what error pops up and it’s a 404 error:


Any idea what might be causing this?